Government’s Abuse on U.S. Citizens

The United States Government has placed/kept, “We The People” in positions of harm. The abuse and experiments afflicting U.S. citizens have been in place since World War II, brought on by CIA, FBI and other Government agencies. Many experiments have been and are still taking place on thousands of citizens including children in this country without awareness or consent (illegal and unconstitutional). I believe that some of these programs still exist today, such as MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, they are being used by governmental agencies, Churches, organized trafficking cartels (includes CPS), and The Deep State to control and destroy our children, our families, our churches and ultimately our Country. I realize that there are hundreds more of these programs which are not included on this list. If you are aware of others, please email them to me at Please read and pass this information on. I don’t claim to know a lot on these subjects, but I would like to share what knowledge I have acquired. Thank You, Loving mom.


Project Artichoke Operation Paperclip

Plutonium Testing OPERATION Mockingbird

Operation Sea-Spray Operation Big Buzz

Willowbrook Experiments Measles Vaccine Experiment

Project 112 And Project SHAD Projects, CHAOS, MERRIMAC and RESISTANCE

Operation Whitecoat Phoenix

WWII Mustard Gas Experiments Operation Chaos

Program F-6 Stateville Penitentiary Malaria Study

Navy-Sponsored Beef Blood Transfusions Tuskegee Syphilis Study

CHEM Trails